About the Head Book Reader (HBR).

At some point I realized I could tell you more about the English, Victorian woman experience than about the contemporary immigrant, Latino or Muslim experience in my own country. In our hyperconnected world, when we can know everything in a click of a button, we still can know so little about the people right in front of us.

For the last year or two I’ve focused on learning about America and minority Americans through literature but immediately got frustrated with the randomness of finding these stories. So I started MBR to help change that; to build bridges between time, space, culture, religion, sexual orientation and race by making it easy to find books about other communities. I hope that, through literature, we can understand each other a little better, find more compassion and caring, and ultimately be a stronger America.

There are so many books out there I tried to narrow down the types I read by focusing on a few simple rules:

  • Books should help improve our understanding of minority groups living in America
  • Minority characters should be the primary subject
  • Stories should provide some insight into experiences unique to minority groups in America
  • While I try to highlight minority authors I don’t exclude majority authors
  • I avoid books written to be consumed within a cultural group because they may not be as accessible to broader audiences
  • I mostly read contemporary literature but will periodically feature some classics

So hopefully this is a space where we can learn and grow together. Where we can read each other’s stories and better understand the differences between us but also the similarities.

Please be patient if you think I’ve missed something, I’m reading as fast as I can (sometimes 2-3 books at a time)and recruiting others to read and report as well.  If you found a book you want included please visit Submit to MBR and maybe we can get your book report posted soon.